Back pain relief... is that truly realistic?

I get this back pain relief question all the time. My answer is, “YES! There are successful help methods for that sore back!”

"Will these back pain relief methods work for me?"

Another question I often get.

No promises, you understand...
MOST PEOPLE who use the back pain therapy methods found here get relief.

I will tell you...
what has worked for me...
and what has not worked.

Who will [likely] get most benefit?

If the following describes YOU...
you have a good chance of reducing your chronic back pain symptoms.

Do you have
Chronic pain and lack of mobility due to

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis?
  • Arthritis Back Pain?
  • Back Pain After Surgery?
  • Osteoporosis?
  • Repetitive Strain Injury?
  • Sciatica Back Pain?
  • Scoliosis?
  • Slipped Disk?
  • Whiplash?

Are you
Feeling old and worn out from invasive and [mostly] ineffective back pain treatments?

  • OTC Anti-Inflammatory Medication?
  • Prescription Pain Killers?
  • Steroids?
  • Back Surgery?

Do you suffer from
Poor sleep patterns because of severe lower back pain or any other of the above reasons?

I have some good news and some bad news!

The BAD News:
It's up to you to make it happen.

I've been there, done that, and... finally... found relief from that sore back.

Stick with me on this.

You're invited

Share my pain-full journey...

"How I Consciously Changed My Life;
moving through chronic pain"...


Ummm... these two pictures might not quite represent before and after!
Admit it though... looks like a lot of back pain
in the one on the left!
I have trouble smiling... perhaps because I was a teacher for 42 years?

I thought you might like to see who is putting this together.


Do I, Garry Worger, have some personal proof about back pain relief?

Good question.

And, over the many years of my life (I was born in 1940) I would never have had to answer that question.

There wasn't much chronic pain in my life for the first half century... but O! MAN!... the last years have been pretty damned hard.

Once I decided "Enough of this!" I took conscious action to find out... what my back pain was...  how it was caused... how to conquer it...

The ugly truth: my back pain is way down,
truthfully, mostly gone, and lessening all the time...
but... still...
sometimes it flares and beats me up.
Pisses me right off... welcome to life...

I emphasize root cause strategies on this website

We live in a toxic stew.

Surrounding toxins get into our bodies, especially the gut, and then "trick" our immune system into attacking our bodies.
[auto-immune response]

The auto-immune response goes after the weak parts of our body.
[like your back!]

Attacked body parts become inflamed.

Chronic pain results.

This site concentrates on 10 Strategies you can adopt to get back pain relief... I call this the "Sore Back Relief Protocol".

This site will assist you to take action,
to reduce your chronic pain.

Do you sincerely want relief for back pain?
These pages provide back pain help for YOU!

Start clicking the links at the top of the page to find out how you too can
transform your pain-full life…
move to less pain & more mobility
I did it... so can you.

At one time, I would have urged you to leave conventional medicine behind... BUT... for acute conditions, and trauma, there is NOTHING like modern medicine.

Plus, if you can find a Doctor who practices FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE, you will have found a gem!