Back Pain Relief is just the start!

Back Pain Relief is NOT our only focus,
it is equally about "HOW you live your life..."

A full and satisfying life...

  • Get up in the morning, and feel energized to seize the day.
  • Move around easily.
  • Go out and socialize with friends.
  • See more of the world.

Not a burden to anyone,
because of chronic pain and
lack of mobility.

Know the THREE toughest things about non-traditional sore back relief... and living a full and satisfying life... especially if you tend to be a skeptic?

  1. Sifting through the info on the Internet,
    and then
  2. Separating the BS from what's really true
    and then
  3. Knowing where the devil to start!

My name's Garry, and I can help, because I've been there... done that...
working with my MD...
but also searching out other pain relief ideas...

Your Sore Back Relief GUIDE, helping you find what works and get you moving...


I’m a stranger you meet in a coffee shop…

relief for back painYou said WHAT?
smiley emoticonHEY... we might have ordered coffee!

We chat.
Turns out, you’ve had lots of physical back pain, and what I call ethereal pain… the hurting inside that is emotional, mental and spiritual.
“Yes”, I say. “I know how you feel! I felt the same way a few years ago.
But, I found ways of overcoming my back aches… and I’ve even found inner peace.”
“Really?” You put your drink down. “Tell me more!”

So I talk
[and talk and talk]  

Cool dude emoticon

At age 67 I developed a tonne of aches and pains.
I was NOT happy.

I've spent the last decade finding ways to get rid of those.

It's not JUST the pain relief...
it's all about how I live my life.

Got questions about chronic back pain relief?

This website has answers about relief for back pain, based on my story

  • my research
  • personal tests I conduct
  • my recommendations for back pain relief strategies that work
    [including traditional approaches]

I explore alternatives… many of these are free…

When something works for me, I use my story to tell you about it.

“What benefits will I get?”

Most people who try these ideas have results like these:

Feel Healthier

  • Relieve pain... especially back pain
  • Restore mobility

Feel Younger

  • Rejuvenate your "old" body
  • Relish more "get up and go"

Heal Faster

  • Regenerate broken bones
  • Repair damaged tissues

Sleep Better

  • Reduce fatigue

Recover Faster

  • Recuperate from physical exertion

“How to Start Your Journey
Back Pain Relief, and
Living A Full and Satisfying Life!”

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Can’t find what you need?

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GOOD LUCK on your back pain relief quest.
Never be afraid to stay in touch.

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