Electronic pain relief
Short Version

Electronic pain relief, using Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy [PEMF].

Will it work for you… bringing back pain relief?

No guarantees, of course… BUT…

  • It worked for me…
    and on more than just my sore back.
  • It worked for many others.

I overcame lower back pain, sore knees, and lousy mobility

An electronic pain relief device gave me

  • relief for back pain
  • knee pain relief
  • pain free walking

in 2 weeks...

Electronic pain relief
Long Version

Pain in paradise

spending 6 months of the year in Thailand, escaping Canadian winters!

BUT... all this interferes with your enjoyment...

  1. circulation problems,
  2. swollen ankles,
  3. back pain,
  4. tender knees, 
  5. severe mobility issues,
  6. needing a cane to negotiate stairs, sidewalk curbs, and to take the pressure off your lower back muscle pain .

In other words... just like I was on my last 6 trips to this "escape winter paradise..."

I think the 24 hours PLUS of plane travel was doing me in!

However for trips 1 and 2, I sucked it up and persevered until the lower back and hip pain [mostly] disappeared, and I could function normally.

I likely whined a lot, as well.

Back pain chiropractor

During my trip in 2014-2015, I found a French-trained chiropractor in Chiang Mai who was a genius at chronic back pain treatment.

Along with traditional chiropractic back pain relief techniques, he used a professional TENS machine for back pain that first introduced me to the power of electronic pain relief.

It took about a dozen intensive back pain therapy appointments to get rid of my back problems, knee pain, and lack of mobility.

I was “good to go” for the next 4 months of my Thai holiday.

NO relief for back pain on this trip

In 2015-2016, I had the same severe back and hip pain, back of knee pain, and mobility issues, after I stepped off the plane.

I’m debating taking a cruise from Canada to Thailand next time!

Along with using my chiropractor again, I also had several acupuncture and massage treatments.

This time, I did not get lower back and hip pain relief.

My knees got worse.

I reached an absolute low point in early February, 2016.

I moved from Chiang Mai to Hua Hin, Thailand to remove myself from the smoke pollution that hits northern Thailand every year.

I had a lovely 1-bedroom condo.

However, there were six steps from the main part of the condo up to the bedroom.

And OMG, those steps almost did me in.

Going up was not too bad. I took one stair at a time…

  1. Turn sideways to the stairs
  2. Lean my left arm against the wall taking most of my weight
  3. left foot up onto the first step
  4. bend left knee
  5. use right hand to grasp right knee
  6. hoist right leg up onto step
  7. lean both upper arms against wall
  8. repeat #3 - #6 for remainder of the stairs.

I reversed the whole thing coming down… but it hurt more.

And, at the risk of being thought crude and putting forth Too Much Information…
I suffered from TB [tiny bladder], so had to negotiate those bloody stairs 3 or 4 times a night.

It was none too pleasant.


My Thai partner is a Therapeutic Thai Massage practitioner, and she was giving me [at least] ONE 2-hour massage, daily.

There was a pool at the condo complex, and I was water-walking for 10 - 15 minutes daily.

A life-changing decision...

In mid-February, I purchased an electronic pain relief device,
an iMRS™ from Swiss Bionics Solution
and used it twice a day for 30 minutes each session.

Why did I choose this particular PEMF device?

  1. The Swiss Bionic Systems PEMF appliances [iMRS & OMNIUM1] are the only ones in the world that are listed and regulated as Medical Devices by the Governments of 43+ countries.
  2. No other PEMF device can meet the stringent guidelines required for certification.
  3. Only the iMRS/OMNIUM1 medical devices meet the manufacturing standards, and performance requirements of these countries.

Me and my iMRS mat

After TWO WEEKS on the Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field mat,
I was able to write this on my Facebook page:

I've been using the iMRS system for about 2 weeks... AND... my sore back is waaaaay better. How do I know?

  • I can climb up and down stairs without using a handrail or leaning against the wall
    [still one stair at a time, though... walking sideways]
  • I can do 30 minutes of water-walking in the pool
  • My lower back doesn't sabotage me with excruciating pain!

Less hurtin' and more dancin'
Well maybe NOT dancing.

Just two days later, I posted this

What a breakthrough!

This morning, I was able to walk down the 6 stairs in my condo (bedroom to main floor) FORWARDS! Not sideways, crab-style. Another indication that my iMRS therapy is working.

Mind you... I'm also water-walking, have modified my nutritional intake, and do some simple stretches every day.

At a Strategic Level... I'm doing 2 things...

  • reducing my bad habits
  • increasing positive life activities

I'm getting so healthy! I shall likely become a terrible BORE at parties.

WAIT! No-one ever invites me to parties... OK.., I'll bore my buddies on FaceBook.

And the next day...

Another indication of better mobility for me, via iMRS.

I can now ride in a song taew & brace with just my feet, instead of hanging onto the grab rail above my head, bearing down on my butt, and leaning on the next passenger!

http://www.painreliefcanada.comA Song Taew [2 seat] taxi in Thailand

And 5 days later…

Yesterday, I spent 4 fascinating hours, at SeaWorld Aquarium in Bangkok... 3.5 hours was strolling through looking at the exhibitions.

  • No sore hips
  • No sore back

YEAH for iMRS and PEMF

p.s. The 5D movie is awesome... all kids [even one MY age] will love it!

I returned to Canada in late April, 2016.

I used the iMRS mat, daily for 20 – 30 minutes.

- No more back problems
- No more knee problems

PLUS... these benefits

  • No more having to get up at night to go pee
  • No more Sleep Apnea
  • No more swollen ankles

These were more subtle changes... sort of "sneaked up on me"!

The iMRS electronic pain relief system
was a great wellness investment for me.

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