My Obesity Story
Mostly about what does NOT work!

An obesity story that has lasted over 1/2 century.

My obesity story

Does this sound familiar?

I am one of the obese.  I ain't happy about it... who amongst us is?... but I absolutely cannot sustain a successful weight loss program.

I've tried a physics approach: fewer calories in... more calories out.  That lasted a few days until my body screamed for more sustenance, and I reverted to gluttony and sloth.

I've tried a psychological approach:

  • meditation,
  • visualization,
  • self-criticism,
  • energy-based approaches,
  • counseling.

That lasted a few days until my mind said "Fuck it. I'm too much of a loser to succeed. Anyway, I'm perpetually hungry", and I reverted to gluttony and sloth.

I've tried an education approach: read voraciously and attempted to make sense of my disappearing toes. This is ongoing, and whilst so occupied with useless contemplation, I continued with gluttony and sloth.

I am [was] convinced
I was [am] a pathetic,
doomed lard-butt,
with no will power!

**********SIDEBAR START**********
(As I think about WILL POWER...
should the
phrase not be... won't power?
But I digress.)  
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All my fault.
And that guilt producing self-analysis was echoed by many of

  • my family,
  • friends,
  • secretly-pleased about my "issue" pseudo-friends...

not to mention

  • the talking heads on media,
  • contemptuous politicians, and
  • ignorant medical personnel...

Now I'm reasonably sure that my obesity is not my fault.

Here's why...

My latest "insight" into my protruding tummy is this...

I am another victim of the western diet... one designed to be

  • addictive
  • fattening
  • profitable to the food manufacturers

I came to this conclusion after I read this book by Robert Lustig, MD.
Take a look at the description: "Beating the Odds Against SUGAR, PROCESSED, FOOD, OBESITY, and DISEASE"

A Western-Style diet was slowly killing me... along with an increasing percentage of the world's population.

And the major toxin that is doing me in is FRUCTOSE. [more about toxins]

The key issue with FRUCTOSE is that it's addictive... and in excess quantities, it louses up our digestion, and then it becomes a negative for our health...

  • type 2 diabetes
  • heart disease
  • obesity
  • and more

[ read more about health issues and fructose ]

Characteristics of Addictive Food

You eat more sweet stuff than you intended.

  • You just can't stop until you're stuffed... and feeling guilty

Your body starts to crave sugary food

  • You are desperate for simple carbohydrates that quickly turn to sugar... a sugar "rush"
  • My sugar of choice was sweetened condensed milk... a whole can every night!

You crave foods that will "balance" the excess sugar intake

  • Meat and salty foods will be part of the craving

You eat sugar, even when you don't really want to

  • that can of condensed milk just kept calling my name... even when I was stuffed from a large supper

You eat until you've got a "hangover"

  • bloated, nauseated, aches and pains, sleepy, fuzzy thinking

At present, I'm putting together a nutrition plan that will help with my obesity issues.
I'll update my progress via my blog and my newsletter.

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