Natural Back Pain Relief is the theme of this website...

Similar to natural back pain relief are these:

  • natural remedies
  • natural medicine
  • natural cures

*************** Natural Back Pain Relief Contents ***************
Here's how I structured this page

  1. Natural Pain Relief
  2. Un-natural [??] Pain Relief
  3. Three Lessons
  4. Root Causes of Back Pain


Natural Pain Relief, as I use it means:

1. focus on the TWO ROOT CAUSES of illness, pain, and suffering

  • increase health producing actions
  • reduce harmful actions

2. allow the body to heal itself, through supporting

  • body physical systems
  • body energy systems
  • human genetics

3. use technology that increases the positive effects of #1. and #2.

  • medical
  • pharmacological
  • herbal
  • scientific
  • electronic
  • psychological
  • whatever works and doesn't harm

4. it has worked for me

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What's opposite to Natural Pain Relief?

You have to understand... a treatment may not meet my criteria for "natural"... but it's still useful in many cases [maybe].

Off the top of my head:

  • surgery
  • cortisone injections
  • over the counter [OTC] pain killers and anti-inflammatory pills
  • pain/anti-inflammatory prescription drugs

Let me tell you about my buddy. He's another old fart,
same as me. And he's got arthritis in his back.
He depends on glucosamine with chondroitin
for pain relief, and that works great  for about
5 months.
Then the arthritis flares up, and he goes on a
1-month course of treatment with Voltaren.
He chooses the natural pain relief option for as long as
it works, then he's consciously willing to risk the scarier
arthritis treatment drug from Novartis Pharmaceuticals.
Read about Voltaren

Is his arthritis cured by the natural glucosamine? NO!
Is his arthritis cured by the scary prescription? NO!

Doing ONE right thing just ain't enough!

But mostly my buddy isn't in too much pain, and he doesn't gobble scary pharmaceuticals too much!

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Don't be like my buddy! Apply these lessons to get natural back pain relief...

  1. LESSON #1: ABANDON pain-producing actions
    [IDENTIFY AND STOP actions that cause you never-ending pain]
    {I'll teach you how to identify critical actions: negative actions you're doing, and positive actions you should be doing.}

  2. LESSON #2: EMBRACE  the natural back pain relief ideas on this website.
    [TAKE ACTION on as many as you can]
    {I'll provide resources for you... many of them free}

    [IT LIKELY TOOK YEARS TO DEVELOP YOUR CHRONIC PAIN so don't expect a sudden turn around]
    {ONLY traditional medicine is arrogant enough (dishonest enough?) to promise quick relief}

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Curious about the two root causes I mentioned?

ROOT CAUSE #1: Identify positive health creating actions, and increase them in your life...

  1. support your physical body
    [body, nutrition, exercise]
  2. support your emotional being
  3. support your genetic being

ROOT CAUSE #2: Identify and remove toxic behaviors and environments, harmful to your health...

  • Give up the addictive toxic foods that are so prevalent in the world
    [I first read about this in "Fat Chance", a book by Dr. Robert Lustig]
    {Read about the Metabolic Syndrome... I review the book here}
  • Rid your immediate environment of toxins
    [this may be the toughest thing to do... we live in a toxic stew!]
  • Rid your mind of toxic thoughts
    [I have some free e-books on this]

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