the MOST IMPORTANT piece of information
you can read about this technology!

PEMF safety was the first thing I checked out, after my interest was aroused by the ringing testimonials.

But, after all... how do I really know those testimonials are true?

I researched all this, looking for:
1. Government endorsements
2. World-wide accepted manufacturing standards certification
3. Use by organizations who were compelled to use safe [and effective] medical devices

I found all 3, easily!
However, only ONE of the PEMF technologies I researched had all three of my safety criteria.

That ONE was the systems developed by Swiss Bionic Solutions [SBS] of Switzerland. [read about that here]

That was the iMRS/OMNIUM1 PEMF systems.

The rest of this page references the SBS technologies, only.

Government "endorsement" of PEMF safety.

The iMRS® Systems are registered and regulated, in the Medical Devices category,
by the FDA
[Food and Drug Administration,
USA Government Agency].

The iMRS® Systems are registered and certified by the Canadian Government agency, Health Canada as a Medical Device.


In Europe the iMRS/OMNIUM systems are certified as Class IIa-medical devices.

The systems also have a CE-Certificate and the advanced CB-Certificate, from the EC, guaranteeing electronic safety and electromagnetic compatibility in the majority of countries.

International Standards Organization

If you look, again, at the EU Medical Devices certification document, above, you will see that the iMRS system ALSO has a Quality Manufacturing notation EN [ISO 13485].

This is the world's highest quality rating.

Read more about the ISO organization.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration [NASA] uses PEMF devices...

NASA uses PEMF devices for astronauts, both in space… for health protection… and back on earth to restore body functionality.

Read more of what NASA has found about PEMF, and how critical it is for the health of its Astronauts.

Is PEMF technology safe for you?
I'm saying "Yes!", based on Canadian Government, European Community, and the US Government research and endorsements.

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